Upcoming Work

I'm currently seeking agent representation for both of these projects. If either one speaks to your sensibility, please email me through the form on this site and I'll get back to you lickity split.


Across the Great Divide

At eighteen years old, with no high school diploma and a growing rap sheet, I bought a one-way plane ticket to Colorado in hopes of leaving the problems of my working-class Chicago life behind. The plan was simple: snowboard, hang out, live an uncomplicated life. The reality was knotty: met a girl, had a baby, got into a heap of legal trouble.

It’s now two decades later, and I’m thirteen years sober, and America is in the midst of the #MeToo movement, a time when male sexual abuse, harassment, and violence towards women is being brought into the light. ACROSS THE GREAT DIVIDE (90,000 words) is an exploration of, and reckoning with, my own toxic masculinity through the lens of what happened during those years in Colorado. It’s a narrative that grapples with the knowledge that my past, and the fact that I emerged from it relatively unscathed, and in many ways in better shape than the women in that past, is an indisputable example of white male privilege at work. By turns raw, honest, powerful, and insightful, ACROSS THE GREAT DIVIDE takes readers through the grit of living on life’s margins and reckoning with the problematic nature of one man’s very existence.



RECOVERIES is a collection of essays about recovery—about recovery from drugs and alcohol, yes, but also about what it means to recover relationships and identities and the pieces of ourselves we leave behind in the journey through recovery. It’s a thoughtful, engaging interrogation into what it takes to go from being a dropout, deadbeat father with a cocaine and alcohol addiction to a husband, businessman, athlete, and writer who graduated with a master’s degree. Experimenting with form and structure, RECOVERIES is a timely, essayistic meditation on what it takes to truly recover.